What is a Seniors Real Estate Specialist®?


What is Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES®) and how is that different from a standard REALTOR®?  Simply put, a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® is a REALTOR® who has successfully completed the Seniors Real Estate Specialist® designation program through the National Association of REALTORs®. This program is designed to educate REALTORs® on the unique needs and challenges that older adults can face when making a real estate transition later in life. So, all Seniors Real Estate Specialists® are REALTORs® but not all REALTORs® are Seniors Real Estate Specialists®.

How is working with a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® different from working with a standard REALTOR®?  A Seniors Real Estate Specialist® can provide all the same services and support that a REALTOR® can provide, and then some.  He/she should be better able to serve and support the unique needs of older adults that go beyond the typical real estate services of selling and buying a home.

Quite often, moving in later years is part of a larger life transition.  An SRES® agent will likely be more hands-on throughout the transaction, connecting the older adult with needed services and service providers, and often collaborating and coordinating services with those service providers in an effort to simplify the process and reduce the stress of the sale and/or purchase and move.

I have been thinking about downsizing to a smaller home. Where should I start?  This is often the first move older adults make later in life.  This is usually because they no longer need or want a larger home or because the upkeep and expense of managing the larger home has become too demanding. Sometimes older adults will also take this opportunity to move closer to family or relocate to a more affordable area or active adult community.

It is a good idea to start by answering these questions:

  1. What is my goal for downsizing?
  2. What are my housing options?
  3. What is my time frame for moving?

A Seniors Real Estate Specialist® can help you identify housing options and provide connections to supportive providers, such as: placement professionals (who specialize in options for senior living communities), senior move managers (who can help simplify the process of sorting, downsizing, moving, and unpacking), estate sale services (who can help liquidate items no longer wanted), as well as any other professionals and advisors.

If purchasing a replacement home, a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® can help identify homes with features that are amenable to older adults who wish to age in place. Also, a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® belongs to a national network of other Seniors Real Estate Specialists® who can coordinate services in relocation moves.

I am moving to assisted living and need to sell my home but am not able to move without assistance. How can a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® help?  This is a common scenario. Families may live far away or have their own families to tend to and are unable to help.

An SRES® agent will be able to connect the older adult with supportive service providers (such as those mentioned above), coordinate the move and sale of the home with the assisted living community, and collaborate with family and other service providers as needed. It is usually less stressful for the older adult to make the move to assisted living before putting their home up for sale. In addition, a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® will be able to share selling options and possible selling strategies that should be customized to the needs and goals of the homeowner.

Do you have a question about working with a Seniors Real Estate Specialist®?  Call or email Aimee at (619) 405-5006 or aimee@aimeewilcox.com. As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® and the daughter of aging parents, Aimee understands both professionally and personally the importance of having the resources you need and working with someone you can trust.

Aimee Wilcox, REALTOR®, Seniors Real Estate Specialist®

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