FEATURED BUSINESS: Poway Senior Center


Tips from your Poway Senior Center:

Enjoy Yourself: We all know that laughter and joy are keys to a healthy and active life. Often times, independent seniors or senior couples find it difficult to find a social circle to experience that laughter and joy. We all also know that what we eat can directly benefit or harm our bodies. Fresh and healthy foods simply help our bodies feel good and energetic, which is also key to a healthy and active life. Lastly, we all know that when we exercise, whether it is our body or our brain, we create positive energy by keeping them both fit and strong. At Poway Senior Center, we strive to provide services and programs focused on socialization, great food, physical exercise, and learning opportunities, all of which help lead to a healthy and active life leading to laughter and joy.

  1. Be with people to share your experiences and the experiences of others. Everyone has life stores to tell. Being with a social circle of friends that we meet with on a regular basis allows us to create bonds and friendship where common bonds are created, allowing us to “let our hair down” and simply be ourselves. Here, common bonds are created over the pool table, or perhaps a game of bridge, Mah Jong, or poker. They can be developed while sharing and creating a community puzzle, knitted designs or working side by side on a lovely quilt. Laughter is heard throughout the building and strong relationships are formed. Nothing brings more pleasure than that…
  2. Keep active and healthy in every way possible. There are so many things that keep our minds and bodies healthy when we get out and be with others. Exercising in a manner that is specifically designed for a senior’s needs is imperative to meet that end. Exercise can come in many forms: walking for your heart, Tai Chi and yoga for balance, control and flexibility, lifting small weights, and yes, dancing! Our minds love to learn, and there is so much to learn about that directly benefits a senior life whether it is nutrition, or senior specific needs such a Medicare or insurance. Keeping our bodies and minds active keeps them healthy, creating quality in our day.

Overview and Benefits of Poway Senior Center:

Poway Senior Center provides programs and activities, almost all of which are free, that directly assist our senior community to lead active and healthy lives. We are located in Poway Community Park and open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. We are a non-profit organization which serves Poway and the surrounding communities. We offer programs in three core areas: Nutrition, Health and Wellness, and Social Activities. The benefits of what we provide are outlined above, but how do we get there?

Nutrition: Come enjoy a meal with us. Our Chef, Jim, makes a delicious fresh and homestyle meal that is served in our La Bella Bistro every day from 11:15 to 12:15. Be with your friends and know that if you are 60 and above, and your finances are limited, you will never be turned away if you cannot make a $4.00 donation. We want you with us to dine and be with friends. If your guests are under 60, they will get the best $6.00 meal in town. If you can’t get there on the bus, are 60 and up, and live in our service area, our wonderful JoAnne will come pick you up on the bus. Home Delivered Meals are also an important part of meeting the nutritional needs of our community.

Health and Wellness: We offer Feeling Fit exercise, there is a walking club that organizes walks, Tai Chi and Yoga, and a very popular Line Dancing experience twice each week. Speakers offering solid information on nutrition and how to meet your practical needs are offered weekly, as well and professional service providers offering hearing tests and blood pressure checks each month.

Social Activities: Each of the programs above offer a social experience, but we also offer games such as Mah Jong, Bridge and Poker. If you feel like an in-depth discussion, we have a discussion group. Busy hands are satisfied through knitting, crafting and needlework and quilt making. Bingo is offered twice each week, and not only do you get to be with friends, a very affordable buy-in may send you home smiling with some extra cash while knowing that all proceeds earned go directly to support the Center. Volunteers help us serve meals, deliver meals, run the gift shop, serve as receptionists and carry on the bingo program. Volunteering here brings incredible satisfaction and joy.

Come join us!

For more information visit http://www.powayseniorcenter.org or call us at (858) 748-6094.