FEATURED BUSINESS: Fond Reflections Video

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Who is Fred Farmer and what is Fond Reflections Video?

I was fortunate enough to be able to walk away from the corporate world (Qualcomm) a few years ago and decided I wanted to do something fun and worthwhile with my life. I started a service that I like to describe as a service that saves lives. That is to say, I record video interviews that capture the stories of one’s life. These interviews cover memories or stories that the interviewee may have heard or remembers about ancestors, their grandparents, parents, siblings, stories of their childhood, growing up on the farm, or in the old neighborhood, their teenage years, meeting their spouse, having children, years in the military, jobs they’ve held, travel experiences, and so on. My markets are seniors who want to leave their stories as a legacy for their family and/or children whose parents are at that stage when their stories may disappear, if not recorded. I use a tag line from an old anonymous quote that reads “when an old person dies a library is lost.”

Where is this done?

In order to relieve stress, I like to make sure the interviewee is comfortable so this is done, primarily, in their home.

What does my mother/father have to do to prepare?

I like to have a pre-interview meeting a week before, where I tell the interviewee about me. I want them to be comfortable with me when I asked them questions about their lives. I leave a list of potential questions with them to review. This allows the memory wheels to start rolling so when we do the interview, they’ve already gone through the thought process. This also diminishes the stress of them thinking they have to come up with whatever we’ll discuss. We try to touch on each era of their life.

How long does this take?

The finished DVD averages about three hours in length. The recording session is a little longer than that but not much. I will edit out vocal stumbles, coughs, pauses, etc. but I don’t know what the family might consider important so I try to leave as much as was discussed in the interview. The premium package includes the addition of photos, videos, etc. that relate to the people, places and things that were discussed. This may take some time for the family to collect.

Can you interview my parents together?

Since each of our lives are unique, we each have our own story to tell. For couples, I will normally interview each separately up to the point when they met and then I bring them together and we discuss their lives, raising their family, careers, travel adventures, etc.

How much does a single interview cost?

I will ask you to visit my Website at www.fondreflectionsvideo.com where I explain the difference between the basic interview and the premium. I furnish three DVDs in personalized cases with each interview. Others can be purchased, as well as a flash drive for a nominal fee.

For more information, please contact Fred R. Farmer at 858-750-5330, email: ffarmer@fondreflectionsvideo.com.