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Tips from ElderHelp’s HomeShare Program:

  1. Prepare Yourself: The resources are out there. No matter what kind of situation an older adult may face, there are resources to help set goals and solve the problems the individuals may face in the future. If not prepared, the aging process and the challenges that come with it can seem very intimidating.
  2. Think About Everyone’s Wishes: Think about the wishes of the older adult as well as the family as a whole. What we often see here at ElderHelp are families who are trying to do what they think is best for their aging parents, but it may not necessarily be what the older adults are wishing for. Our goal is to help older adults remain independent while creating a safe network of support, if/when they do need to relocate from their homes.
  3. Know You Are Not Alone: Aging can be a frightening and challenging part of life for both the older adults and their families. It is our job at ElderHelp to guide individuals and families through challenges while promoting independence.

Overview of HomeShare:

ElderHelp’s HomeShare program utilizes existing housing stock by matching those looking to rent out a room in their home (Home Provider) with those who are seeking an affordable housing solution (Home Seeker). Typically, home providers are seniors that are living on a fixed income. In order to remain independent in their homes, they may need additional income, or even services. Through our program we facilitate matches through a rental exchange or service exchange and work with the home provider to determine the best fit for them. We provide oversight of the home seeker and the home provider throughout the duration of the match, which we hope to make as long-term as possible.


Our HomeShare program can allow older adults, who may otherwise move into an independent or assisted living facility, to remain independent in their homes. Older adults can benefit financially with the rental exchange option especially if they are on fixed incomes. They can also remain independent in their homes with the service exchange option, where they receive help with light housekeeping, transportation, companionship, or other light house services they may need. This independence rekindled by HomeShare allows the families to feel at ease knowing their loved ones are able to live safely in their home. Home Sharing can also create a very strong bond between the Home Provider and the Home Seeker, which is difficult to recreate elsewhere.

For more information on ElderHelp’s HomeShare Program and other Solutions for Living, please visit: http://www.elderhelpofsandiego.org/solutions-for-living/.


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