Important Considerations When Selling Your Home

There is a lot more to selling your home than staging, open houses, and contract negotiations. Much of getting ready to sell your home has to do with how you want (or need) to sell your home. But for some home sellers, that is an afterthought. Here are some important considerations when selling your home.

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Protecting Your Home While You Travel

Whether you are flying cross-country to visit family or hitting the road in your RV, for many people the holidays are synonymous with traveling. But, leaving your home unattended can expose your greatest assets to risk. Here are some tips for protecting your home while you travel. Suspend services. Contact USPS to put a hold

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California Real Estate Market Update September 2016

California Real Estate market data based on September 2016 data. Real Estate market data (pdf) specific to San Diego available here.

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Should You Replace The Roof Before You Sell Your Home?

It is a simple question but the answer is a little more complicated.  And, it may vary depending on the home and situation. Here are some considerations when deciding whether you should replace the roof before selling your home: What is the age and condition of the roof? Is the roof in decent shape but

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What Buyers Need to Know About Buying a Home With Solar

According to California Solar Statistics, San Diego is the second largest solar market in California (the first is Los Angeles). What does this mean to a home buyer? It means the chances are pretty high that you may be buying a home with solar. But before you sign on the dotted line, here is what

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Homeowner’s Property Tax Exemption – What, When, and How to File It

One of the benefits of being a homeowner is the Homeowner’s Property Tax Exemption (and who doesn’t love a tax break?). Here is an overview the Homeowner’s Property Tax Exemption – what it is, when to file, and how to file it. Homeowner’s Property Tax Exemption: What is it? – According to the State of

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